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Greetings friends!

28 Nov

If you’ve ever looked through my purse, waited for me to shower and get ready, or even asked me a simple question like “what lotion are you using?”, then you know too well my time and energy is consumed by beauty products and their use. If you don’t know me at all,  then please prepare yourself.  I can border on fanatical (don’t get me started on mineral oil) but am always thrifty. The majority of my purchases are made at drugstores and those big evil stores like Wal-Mart. Bargains are bargains, my friends.

This blog thing will cover my trials and tribulations in the beauty aisle, covering products I love, want, or will never buy again (or at least until I forgive them and give them a second chance). I want, née, CRAVE, your opinion and comments. The best way for us to learn about new stuff is to SHARE SHARE SHARE! So if you have any questions or comments or your own testimonials to share, please do.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a new face wash to try.