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Making faces

25 Apr

I’ve got to post about this right away, just in case you want to go buy this makeup kit before it’s gone. On sale this week, the $20 regularly priced UO Beauty Playground Kit is only $4.99. I’ve been staring at this kit for weeks while I work, unwilling to pay the $20 for eyeshadow in a paper box. Mostly I’ve been plain curious to try the Urban house brand of cosmetics, wishing I was a beauty buyer picking out the product or the merchandiser packaging it.

The kit includes 4 eyeshadows, black pencil eyeliner, gold shimmer powder, and a lipgloss. Shimmer powder is almost as useless to me as glitter. I just don’t need it or really dig it. I wore it today as a highlighter on my cheekbones today just to try it. Eh. Maybe if I was a tan girl and not Snow White I would love it. The eyeliner was pretty basic. It went past smudge-able to “you can practically wipe it off.” I wore it under my eyeshadow so it set pretty well. The eyeshadow palette was similar to a Mary Kay one I got for free, am almost out of , and loved. Again, they may look better on a tan girl, but they’re still good metallic neutrals. I’ve been seeing a lot of magazine spreads using colors like the lightest shade, a shimmery peach, as a base, highlighter, and along the lower lash line. It’s been a great change for me from the super light base colors I’ve been using. No more white mask around my eyes.

I’ve saved the best for last. The lipgloss was my favorite part. It’s a great rusty cherry color (always worry about reds and the whiteness of my teeth and this looked good). The lipgloss was smooth and not sticky, it felt great. It didn’t last terribly long but maybe that’s because it smelled and tasted like candy (yummy).

If Urban sold these lipglosses individually, I would snatch them up. Especially if they featured the new trends (bright orange? Hot pink? Yes please.) I understand the difficulty of creating an in-house cosmetics line: loss prevention, training employees on the product, keeping sanitary testers, building a brand and regular customers. BUT Urban should totally push these lipglosses. They’re doing well with their nail polishes. The great colors get girls to buy them. I think the quality for the price gets them to come back for more. Nail polish and lipgloss have become as important as jewelry to a girl’s wardrobe.





Manicure what ails ya

12 Mar

After years of serving and bartending, I had given up on keeping my nails painted, and through multiple moves I tossed all my neglected nail polishes. In a new line of work and with healthier nails, I get to start from scratch (there’s a pun in there somewhere). Here is my new fledgling collection, courtesy of Wal-Mart and Urban Outfitters (sale!). I was totally clueless that Essie polishes were at Target and Wal-Mart. What? I dig their matte topcoat. My current color obsessions are grey and orange. My favorite brand so far is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, because it really has lasted me the longest and I HATE chipped polish.

I haven’t jumped on that nail art bandwagon, though. I don’t think I can really do any of the really detailed stuff and my style is really about simplicity. I tried a crackle topcoat, which I’m not even sure if I like yet, I will always be down with glitter (but no rhinestones please), and I want to try the magnetic polishes next. One Urban Outfitters sale item sent me back to middle school and I LOVE it. Glow in the dark nail polish! They’re pretty thin on their own so I’ve been using them as a topcoat to make any manicure glow. Reminds me of when I had glow in the dark stars all over my bedroom or when I had the coolest pair of flare jeans with a glowing stripe down the side. I was soo cool, especially when I wore them in our little school planetarium.

Back to nails, no more about my nerdiness. Tell me your favorite brands and colors! I’m especially interested in finding a no-chip topcoat that actually holds up to the name. What are some easy art and effects I should try? And I mean easy.