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Sweet cherry pie

24 May

Painted my nails for the first time in forever because they are actually growing! Been using my Hard as Hoof nail cream every night and started taking extra strength Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin supplements.


I gave myself a very 80s mani. pretty bold for me but sometimes I can’t resist a little ghetto gold. Excuse the painted skin, this is pre-touch up.



The fuchsia nail polish is scented! Smells like cherry pie! This manicure makes me want to tease my hair and dance on the hood of a Pontiac.

Warrant – Cherry Pie


Tough as Nails

28 Apr

In a previous post, Manicures What Ails Ya, I wrote about the excitement of starting a new nail polish collection since my nails were growing out healthy and strong. The day after posting said blog, I broke two nails at work. Ironic. (I think. Alanis really got me confused over the proper use of the word.) My nails have been shit ever since. Part of it is the job. I never knew retail could be so hazardous to a manicure, but somehow I’m breaking nails left and right. It’s got to have something to do with those evil hangers. One got me right in the face a couple weeks ago, the bastard. Also, it was super dry in Colorado, especially the month of March. “One of our snowiest months,” according to the news. Not this year.

Something had to be done. I want to be able to use my growing nail polish collection (got some scented nail polish this week that I am dying to try). I turned to an old favorite; perhaps my favorite drugstore product ever. It’s definitely a hero product.

Nail Cream

Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream will (hopefully) rescue my nails. I’ve used it before with good results. I’m not promising a miracle, but it is really good for your nails and cuticles. There are a lot of moisturizers and vitamins in that little 1 oz pot. Healthy nails start with healthy cuticles, so any nightly cuticle cream or hand lotion will help, this guy just seems to pack a little extra punch for the nails. They changed the packaging from what I remember and made it look even MORE 80s fabulous, so I thought it’s very own Glamour Shot would be appropriate. This definitely looks like one of those scary drugstore products by a brand you don’t recognize that looks like it may have been on the shelf since 1987, but it is legit. Don’t be afraid of Hard as Hoof.

And as for my nails, so far so good, BUT I have had the last two days off work (seriously! those hangers! evil!). Applying nightly cuticle cream is a habit that can only benefit me, and I love having a nightly beauty routine (ooo, I should write about that). I’m going to keep drinking plenty of water, taking my multi-vitamin, and start eating more Jell-O. Gelatin helps your nails stay strong and helps your joints too! Is there anything Jell-O can’t do? Which reminds me, Hard as Hoof has a cherry almond scent that is delicious. I mean, smells good. Don’t get it mixed up with your cherry Jell-O. You won’t get the same results.


Hard as Hoof costs 5 bucks at your drugstore or Wal-Mart, scumbags!

Manicure what ails ya

12 Mar

After years of serving and bartending, I had given up on keeping my nails painted, and through multiple moves I tossed all my neglected nail polishes. In a new line of work and with healthier nails, I get to start from scratch (there’s a pun in there somewhere). Here is my new fledgling collection, courtesy of Wal-Mart and Urban Outfitters (sale!). I was totally clueless that Essie polishes were at Target and Wal-Mart. What? I dig their matte topcoat. My current color obsessions are grey and orange. My favorite brand so far is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, because it really has lasted me the longest and I HATE chipped polish.

I haven’t jumped on that nail art bandwagon, though. I don’t think I can really do any of the really detailed stuff and my style is really about simplicity. I tried a crackle topcoat, which I’m not even sure if I like yet, I will always be down with glitter (but no rhinestones please), and I want to try the magnetic polishes next. One Urban Outfitters sale item sent me back to middle school and I LOVE it. Glow in the dark nail polish! They’re pretty thin on their own so I’ve been using them as a topcoat to make any manicure glow. Reminds me of when I had glow in the dark stars all over my bedroom or when I had the coolest pair of flare jeans with a glowing stripe down the side. I was soo cool, especially when I wore them in our little school planetarium.

Back to nails, no more about my nerdiness. Tell me your favorite brands and colors! I’m especially interested in finding a no-chip topcoat that actually holds up to the name. What are some easy art and effects I should try? And I mean easy.