Hello beauty queens!

My name is Stephanie. I am a young woman with a passion for primping. Enough said.

Not enough? Well okay then, you force me to talk about myself.

I am single, childless, and about to cross that threshold to 30. Fun! I am also career-less, which only bothers me sometimes. Sure, there are lots of things I can call myself based on experience, training, education, or delusion: singer, actress, teacher, comic, director, bartender, salesperson, dancer, and superhero. And now I’m adding blogger to that list.

I worked at one of those Bath & Body stores for three years (bet you can’t guess which one) where I was an enthusiastic, albeit difficult, sales associate. I challenged their science and told customers flat-out if a product was crap. I learned a lot about body care and the power of an honest testimonial. Since that job I continue to buy and try new products. My testimonials are the basis of this blog.

Oh, and why Soap Scumbag?

Because I’m cheap, folks. You can read celebrity beauty tips if you want, but I buy shit I can afford. I’d like to look good AND put food in my belly, thank you. I also hope I don’t look as high maintenance as I might come across. But that’s the point isn’t it? All that prep and pampering to look like you just rolled out of bed. You scumbag 😉


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