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Pucker up and gimme some sugar

18 Jan

At work today, I noticed my pout was not looking up to par. They were pale, dry, even starting to peel and my multitude of salves, balms, sticks and glosses weren’t cutting it. I made a mental note to exfoliate my lips when I got home tonight since I hadn’t in a while. I know the cosmetic connoisseurs out there will think of this as old news; we scrub our hands, faces, and asses. Why not our lips, too? Then there are others whom I can barely get to use a body lotion, let alone worry about scrubbing their lips. The ultimate scumbag way is a wet washcloth or soft toothbrush to scrub off dry skin. It works and won’t cost you a thing (maybe the extra coin so your lips can have their very own toothbrush), BUT as cheap as I am I do love a good sugar scrub. The one I’ve been using forever is C.O. Bigelow’s lip buffer from Bath & Body Works. I just went to their website to price the damn thing and they don’t carry it anymore. (C.O. Bigelow’s website lists the product as out of stock.) Ugh. It was only 7 or 8 bucks and they always have some sort of buy 3 for $x where I would stock up on my rose salve and mentha lip shine too. Seems there is just less and less stuff I’d buy at B&BW. So, similar to the rest of my cosmetic needs, I went to LUSH (dot com).

LUSH sugar lip scrubs

They have lip scrubs in three different flavors for $9 a pop. The website didn’t have a super detailed description on how to use it, but I’ve held on to their catalogue and it said you can just lick the scrub off. I like the edible idea, especially with flavors like mint julep and chocolate.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be a scumbag if nine bucks still didn’t feel like a splurge. I checked my two ol’ stand-by shopping sites, and and found Softlips Pure 100% Natural Lip Polish.  Listed for $4.99 on both sites, so go with whichever one has better shipping options for you if you can’t find it in any local stores. I have not seen this before but now I will be on the lookout on my next Target or Walgreens trip. The reviews are good and I’m into the “natural” part. Most of the $15 dollar and up lip scrubs I found had a lot of mineral oil and not a lot of sugar… which is the whole point! I was never big on Softlips‘ balms, but I know many a girl who have been using them for years. They’ve got the track record, hopefully this becomes a product I use for years. If you’re a fan or have used this please let me know! Or fill me in on any other scumbag ways to scrub those kissers (homemade sugar scrubs anyone?).

Muah! xoxo


Loving the skin I’m in

16 Jan

My new best friend


An update on a previous post, titled This Cheatin’ Skin. I am happy to share with you that my relationship with my Curel lotion is going even better than expected. I kicked my cocoa butter lotion to the curb before I even finished the bottle. The itchy dry skin had gone on long enough. Good riddance to it! My skin is staying hydrated and comfy (yeah I said my skin is comfy) all day in this dry Colorado winter. The best part has been restoring my hands. I  don’t bartend anymore, but my hands were worse than they have ever been; chapped, cracked, painful skin and weak broken nails. Curel Ultra Healing lotion has helped a lot. My nails actually grew out this week and I haven’t had a split cuticle since I started using it! Yay! When my skin feels better, I feel better.

If I had a million dollars…

6 Jan

Forget 24k gold facials or crazy surgical stuff, if I had tons of money to spare I would do two things. One, commission a fragrance to be made based on my own personal scent and body chemistry (eau de scumbag!). My friend Ryan would have to be in charge of this because he has an amazing sense of smell and can identify me based on scent. I think it would have a lot of orange and other citrus. Two, I would buy THIS Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System. This is the one that comes with the body brush, which is what I want it for the most. That body brush and the multiple speeds make this bad boy $225. Yowzers. If someone gave me this as a gift right now, I would probably feel obligated to marry them and bear their children. But I would do it all with amazing skin.