Makeup Muse: oh my goth!

10 Dec

Today is my dear friend Miranda’s birthday. I was thinking about her and her signature style as I was getting ready today, and I totally did homage makeup, copying her. I don’t know how much of it was intentional, but she always makes me want to be more goth. Here’s a picture I stole from her (it’s so fierce!)

The bad ass goth older sister I always wanted.

Every day this girl has the porcelain skin, goth eyebrows, cateyes (or wings I sometimes like to call them), and red lips. Oh, and she always has the best bangs. I don’t know what I would do if she suddenly started using bronzer or changed up that eye makeup. My world might collapse in on itself. The movie Cry Baby always reminds me of Miranda. The Cry Baby girls had the same winged eyeliner.

Traci Lords in "Cry Baby"

Miranda is the queen of eyeliner. I won’t tell you how many years of practice she said she’s had with it, or how old she’s turning today. After stealing and posting her picture without her permission, that would just be too far. (Good thing she loves me.) I’ve always been so in awe of her skills because I am eyeliner deficient. She can do this makeup with liquid or pencil. I’ve only recently started using pencil and could not make these lines so smooth and sharp. Maybe if I had gel eyeliner I could do it, but I can’t see myself using it every day to justify buying it. The scumbag way is to make do with what you’ve got.

close up

a little bit goth

Miranda and I have the porcelain skin thing in common, so that’s a check. I used my darkest rusty blush just under the cheekbones. No rosy apple cheeks with this makeup. I kept my standard eye makeup as a base. L’oreal Morning Light Perle eye shadow as an all over highlighter, then Rimmel Smokey Quartz to define the crease. I started with my black pencil eye liner, but couldn’t get the wings sharp and straight so I busted out my angled eyeliner/shadow brush (Sonia Kashuk) and my good ol’ black eyeshadow (CoverGirl Shimmering Onyx). I’ve done this before by wetting the brush, but didn’t really need to today.

To get the really red lips like Miranda’s, I usually do some combination of a stain, pencil and lipstick. Today I decided to just smear on some cherry red lipgloss. It was the solid kind from a palette. I always like the texture of those better than a tube, but I do have a red fingertip now. (I find lip brushes annoying.)

Now if I could ever have rockin’ bangs the look would be complete.


One Response to “Makeup Muse: oh my goth!”

  1. Mirandar December 10, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    I love you sooo much, kautzy, & cannot wait to see you tonight!!! Fyi, I use l’oreal lineur intense for eyeliner because it has a hard, felt tip instead of a brush (they flare out eventually & that’s bad for precision), & also because it’s one of the few liquid eyeliners i’m not allergic to! Twenty-something years of practise also helps… For lipstick I use l’oreal infallible in ravishing red with always red liner to prevent feathering. Goth it up, girl!

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